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Good Afternoon Everyone!

  I have been perusing my Tumblr feed... and I have to admit... I come across a lof of beautiful pictures of perfectly decorated homes. This one in particular struck a chord with me! I just LOVE the light fixture with all the dangling lights! It would probably be really romantic at night? It really suits the rustic decor of the house.

  These thoughts leave me excited about eventually building my own home! 

  I have really be dreaming about building a modernized HOBBIT home! Yes you heard me right! I even want the front door to be OAKEN,HUGE, ROUND, and RED! :)

  I want to build a green house that is connected to it and just grow Orchids... maybe make the room round with a large open area to place a mini grand piano... I am dreaming of a White Fazioli Piano... ^^ 

  Any stair in the house I want to be made out of ancient twisted wood that has been sanded down smoothly and varnished well. But I don't want the rustic look to be taken away from it to much... Kind of like the picture to the right... but a spiral staircase...

  White walls, and hardwood floors, stainless steel kitchen, with a beautiful boomerang shaped island/breakfast bar. I also want a room with a beautiful claw foot tub with gold colored feet!

  Haha I get all giddy thinking about it. Hoping and dreaming of what I could add to enhance it and make it truly ours. Maybe a Jarvis type UI system throughout the house! That would be amazing!

Anyways that's enough of me babbling haha! ^^

Have a great day!

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