My Love for Korea


  Many people ask me "Why do you dream about going to Seoul and other areas of South Korea so much? What's so great about it? Why learn the language if it isn't in your own culture?"

  There is no fantastical reason as to why I want to learn Korean. I am already married so obviously it is not for the reason of finding a Korean boyfriend, it is also not because I love Korean dramas or music. It really is because I am in love with Korea's deep history and amazing growth as a nation. They have amazing drive as a country, and I have always wanted to learn a second language just to be bi-lingual. If I ever move to Korea to teach English... it would also be extra helpful to be able to communicate not only with my students... but with co-workers and potential friends as well.

  I would never move to a country if I didn't intend to learn, and enjoy it as a whole. My husband and I have always talked about moving to another country even if it was just for a few years. It would be a great way to learn about others and also a fantastic experience for our young son, who we also want to grow up bi-lingual.

  Anyways I have always loved Korea and the fantastic people I have met from there!



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