Adrian's Trip to the Park: Outfit of the Day


  The weather was beautiful outside yesterday, so I took my son Adrian to the park. I love taking him there because not only does he get to run around and expel all that energy discovering the play yard and the nature around him, but it's also a break for me having to tell him to "Stop don't touch that!"

  So here are a few pictures from the fun that we had. He got pretty dirty by the end of the fun, but I was able to take some shot of his outfit before he got too dirty!

Jacket: The North Face
Shirt: H&M
Pants: Baby Gap
Shoes: Timberland


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  1. What a cutie! We are having warm weather here also, and I am loving it! Love his boots!

    1. Thank You! Yes, when I first saw his boot in the store, I just squealed inside and told my husband... "These!!"


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