Fauna & Femi (Short Story: Intro)


  Femi stared intently at her wet, well-worn, and scuffed boots, as the rain dribbled off her umbrella and dimpled in the shallow puddles she stood in. She could almost see her reflection looking back at her, pale violet eyes were the only feature that prominently stood out.

  Dear Reader, have you ever had that feeling, that prickly feeling that sometimes arises when you know that destiny is approaching you? Do you believe that there are soulmates all around us, connected by tiny threads, our own personal angels that go unnoticed because we are so absorbed in our own lives? Maybe they come in the form of a lover, a friend, a co-worker, family, we just don't see them as a soulmate because we are distracted by looking for one strictly in the form of our future forever partner?

  Femi's eyes shifted around, for she had that prickly feeling on the back of her neck. She felt an unexplainable urge to turn on her heels and look behind her. She didn't know if she dared to since the crosswalk was full of people, bustling around her. She stood alone and didn't want to turn around for fear of breaking the unspoken rule of being still while waiting for that walk light to flash in it's festive green colors.

  She decided against it, and changed her sightline to the light, waiting for it to change. For some reason, her heart rate had gone up and her palms that gripped her umbrella were sweating.

  The shrill song of the crosswalk started to sing, people bustled quickly past her, she tilted her umbrella to the right and stepped off the corner.

  What happened next was a blur, someone called out, a car horn blazed, she froze, and dropped her umbrella, in seemingly slow motion she watched it hit the road twirling in the lights of the oncoming vehicle. She felt someone grab the crook of her arm and spin her around with graceful force, her icy blue eyes connecting briefly with hers, pulling her back onto the sidewalk.

  "Are you okay?"

  The shock settled in, and without even thinking or looking at the girl who had just saved her life, she buried her face into their shoulder and wept. Her rescuer firmly placed her arm around Femi's trembling shoulders and held her reassuringly, leading her out of the rain and into the shelter of the nearest coffee shop.

  Femi's umbrella lay mangled in the street, the careless driver was long gone and lost in the sea of traffic that engulfed the city.

  This is how Femi met Fauna.

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  1. You are a beautiful writer! I love how you've been able to take writing, photography, knitting, motherhood, etc. and made it feel so cohesive on your blog! I look forward to snooping around more. Good luck with Korean - I'm not that brave yet, but I hope to get there someday.

    1. Thank You so much for the encouragement! It is very much appreciated! :D

  2. Love your blog :) nice to find other bloggers who knit together short stories and lifestyle so neatly!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! I really appreciate it!

  3. Great job! Looking forward to the rest!


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