Femi and Fauna: (Chapter 1 | Part 1)


Yes I know that this segment is out a day late! 

  Femi awkwardly sat across the table from her rescuer. She watched the steam rise from her coffee mug that she had been clenching for the last 10 minutes, as she was still sorting herself out from the shock.

  Fauna sat across from her, one leg crossed over the other, head turned towards the coffee bar, which was still making her order, as it was always busy on a rainy day. She peeked at the shivering girl in front of her. "You know, if you started drinking it, it might help you relax more before it gets cold." She stated with some spirit in her tone. 

  Femi nodded quickly and started to take sips of her warm drink. Her eyes widened a little as the taste of peppermint hit her lips. She stared thankfully at Fauna, knowing that she must of chose that to try to keep her stress down. "Thank you..." she managed to say, although her tone was very sheepish. "Not just for the coffee... but for back there... I don't know what I..."

  "Don't mention it." Fauna interrupted with a smile. "I think anyone in that situation would of acted in the same way. It was just fate that it was me who happened to be standing behind you at that moment."

  Femi smiled lightly. She could feel herself relaxing a little bit the smell of the peppermint was also helping her focus better. "Um... my name is Femi."

  Fauna grabbed her drink from the barista who had come up to deliver her coffee. "Ah Femi! That's a unique name, I think some of the most interesting names start with the letter F. My name is Fauna."

  Femi felt a small laugh leave her lips as Fauna nonchalantly stirred her coffee, tasting it with the tip of her finger.

  "So Femi, you're okay right? You don't need to go to the hospital do you?" Fauna asked with concern in her voice. Her biggest fear was that Femi had purposely waited for a moving vehicle, before stepping off onto the crosswalk.

  "Yeah, I think so. I don't think the car even clipped me... thanks to you. I don't know what I was thinking... normally I look before I cross the street, even when it's telling you to go."

  "Hey these things happen it's nothing to be ashamed about, just glad you didn't end up like your umbrella." Fauna breathed a sigh of relief and leaned back into her chair.

  "My umbrella?" Femi blinked a couple times and looked around her, she hadn't even realized that she had dropped it. "Oh... I really liked that one too!"

  "Yeah, well, at least it's just stuff and not you, in all truthfulness I was admiring it myself." Fauna laughed lightly and drank her latte, closing her eyes for a moment. In all honesty she as well needed to destress... what happened kept replaying in her head and the sadness that she felt at the thoughts of "What if I wasn't there..." bothered her.

  Femi stared at the girl in front of her, finally being able to focus and make out her features. Fauna had long pastel purple hair that sweeped past her shoulders and almost grazed the middle of her back. She had icy blue eyes with elegantly long eyelashes that made her look cold, maybe it was partly the sharp eyeliner... but the way she held herself and smiled said otherwise. Her facial features were sharp and her ears were pierced in multiple places down the sides. She wore a black leather jacket, red v-neck t-shirt, with faded and well worn dark blue skinny jeans, her tan lumberjack looking heels completed the edgy look. She was beautiful and Femi could only smile at the fact that she had pastel blue hair and violet eyes... the opposite effect was kind of eerie.

  Fauna peeked at the girl in front of her sizing her up. "Hey, you know we kind of mirror each other in an odd way."

  Femi's train of thought broke and she was slightly embrassed. "Oh sorry, I just wasn't able to really focus on who I was talking to until my head cleared just a moment ago!"

  "Don't worry about it, it's kind of uncanny, but friends come in all forms."

  Femi caught herself smiling back, her hands were now relaxed around the now half empty cup of coffee in her lap. "Ah, yes... friends do." Was all she could think thankfully to herself as the two turned to watch the rain trickle down the glass beside them.


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  1. do I smell a love scene strongly building in the next part? nice post thogh and btw FEMI reminds me a lot down here in my country Nigeria... it's a name among the Yoruba tribe...


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