Class Today: Outfit of the Day!


Hello Lovelies!

  Sorry that I wasn't able to post a blog post earlier today, I had my first day of two for my Film Orientation Course at Langara College.

  I was kind of excited, as I had not been in school in a long time! So it was really interesting to be in a classroom learning again! Maybe I am just a nerd! :D I was always a very scholastic student in high school and constantly made honor role... so maybe the student in me savored the moment a little too much! ^^

  I might have been homeschooled but I still had to compete with the other student in my correspondence school. So thankfully, I have my diploma and everything.

  Anyways, I definitely am looking forward to the last day tomorrow, and trying out a new outfit!

  This outfit consists of:

Jeans: Dynamite
                                                             Shoes: Payless Shoes
                                                                Handbag: Mansur Gavriel: Lady Bag

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