Makeup Haul: TonyMoly and NYX


 Good Afternoon Lovelies!

  I thought I would post a little bit about the makeup/cosmetic haul that I had yesterday.

  My aunt and I where in the Hudson's Bay and discovering this cute little Facial Cream by TonyMoly. It is a brightening facial cream, for those who feel like they have dull skin, and also tightens the skin on the face. I tried this out this morning and it feel great on the face! Hudson's Bay carries it for $20 regularly, but is having a sale on it currently for $15.

  Secondly, later that day I had to run in quickly into London Drugs, with just the intent of stocking up again on my favorite NYX Eyeliner, Collection Noir (Retails for about $8) and I came across this awesome deal for a NYX Staple Beauty Palette on sale for $24, normally they sell for $48! So, I scooped it up since I had been eyeing the contour palette, and not only was contour included, but so was eye shadow, blush, lip gloss, basic pencil eyeliner, eye brow pencil, mascara, and 2 applicator brushes. All in all a really good deal from NYX!

  I will try using these products for a week before I make a video review for the palette and the cream, I want to see it is really will whiten my skin, and how durable the palette is.


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  1. Nice Collection! will check this out!

  2. I love new beauty products!!! You found some great deals!!


    1. Thank you! Yes, I definitely did! I love NYX because they have always given me great products at affordable prices!

  3. Great beauty products are the best! They make me so happy! You found some steals!

  4. Such a great haul! I'm really curious about the NYX palette. I love NYX!


    1. I have really liked using it so far! The pigmentation is good and stays all day, I will review it after a week of use!

  5. Sweet!! What a great haul! You scored some great deal
    The Frugal Fashionista


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