My Very First Makeup Tutorial: Featuring Lips Art from France!


Hello Lovelies!

  Here is my very first Makeup Tutorial Video~! I was so nervous about doing this, as I have said before that making videos make me really nervous. But it was fun! I got to review the Lips Art Stencils from France today! Only three of the eight that were sent to me. I cannot wait to complete the rest in a serious of videos with different makeup looks. I really look forward to trying out different makeup looks with these amazing 3D Stencils!

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Lips Art Stencil

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  1. So fun! I would never be able to rock this .. but definitely a good editorial option. Or Halloween for us less exciting people who still like to dress up at 25. Congrats on your first YT tutorial. You killed it xx

  2. I never would have known that was your first video, it was great! The lip stencils are so neat. Definitely too editorial for me to pull off in real life, but I can't wait to see more of that trend popping up!

    xx Jesica

    1. Thank you so much! I was really worried about it! Yeah I would only really use them for shoots or cool parties/events. But I love how easy it is to get such a unique look on your lips!


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