Passed: Motion Picture Industry Orientation Course!


 Hello, Lovelies!

  I am so excited today! The reason is because I passed my MOTION PICTURE INDUSTRY ORIENTATION COURSE TEST!

  "What's the big deal?" You might be asking...

  Well as some of you know, I work in the BC Film Industry as a Set Dec Coordinator for full shows and occasionally as a Graphic Artist or Set Dresser for day calls, if they need me. So before I took this test I could only work for NON-UNION shows, which would be explained as a B-Movie, like movies for the Hallmark Channel, the most recent movies I have worked on that I can name is A Christmas Angel, and Love on the Sidelines.

Lunch, When everything else is closed on a Sunday.
  This test was the last step of me being able to apply for Union (ACFC/IASTE 891) Which once accepted into a Union, I could then be hired on for (A) Movie like Deadpool or Captain America, anything that would be seen in theatres or popular TV Series like Once Upon a Time, or Bates Hotel... etc.

  So now I just have to be accepted into a Union! I have currently applied for ACFC and will know the first week of March whether I have been accepted as a permittee member or not! I will also be submitting my application to IATSE as soon as next week.

  Anyways, I passed my test with a score of 48/50, so I can keep my mama proud with keeping my 90% on my first test since high school!

Outfit Shot of the Day!
I will have to admit that the course itself can be repetitive and kind of redundant at times, but I learned a lot and feel even more prepared for my career in film.

  I am incredibly blessed for the start that I had in  the film industry. My Set Decorator and Assistant Set Decorator have been two of the most encouraging people I have met in the industry, they gave me so many great opportunities, believing in me and coaching me! Now I have a great resume to apply to unions with. God has been good!


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  1. Congratulation! :) 48/50= you rocked that thing! :D

  2. Yaay!! Congratulations for all that hard work ๐ŸŽ‰ So happy for you!!

  3. Yaay!! Congratulations for all that hard work ๐ŸŽ‰ So happy for you!!

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