Project Plushie: Hudsy the Elephant GIVE-A-WAY!


 Meet Hudsy (Or what I have nicknamed him for now since his head is colored in the Hudson Bay colors), he is the new adorable addition to my plushie portfolio. 

 Be careful if you leave nuts about, he just might run away with them all. I lost him almost immediately after completion only to find him in the corner munching on my cashews!

 I am wondering what I should do with him... should I keep him, sell him, or do a give-away to a fantastic home?

 He is sure to bring love into someone's life, that's for sure! Let me know in the comments, just what I should do with him!


UPDATE: I have decided to do a Give-A-Away! Please visit Wildling Warmers Facebook Page for more information on how YOU can win this adorable plushie!


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Stanley Park 10/03/2015