Tips Every Broad Shouldered Girl Needs in Her Life!


Hello Lovelies!

  I am going to talk about something today, that I was always super self-conscience about... my broad shoulders.

  For YEARS I struggled with figuring out how to dress them, without looking top heavy, and although many people would tell me that it wasn't a huge deal, or they didn't even notice it... I NOTICED it and that was always something that hindered me from pursuing dressing up.

  Now that I am older, I have discovered a few tips and tricks to make my shoulders appear smaller! I would LOVE to share them with you! So without further to do...


1. Scoop and V-Necks!

These cuts for tops keeps the attention away from your shoulders and leads the eyes down to the waist (like a huge arrow) instead of from left to right. Which can help produce a slimming effect when paired with the right bottoms (which I will mention).

2. Be Sure the Seam Lines on Your Shirts & Jackets 
Fall on the Edge of Your Shoulder.

The seam lines on your shirts and jackets are designed to fall on the edge of your shoulders, so if they’re anywhere closer in toward your neck, it will make your shoulders appear further spread apart. Make sure you watch out for this when picking an outfit, even if you have to go up a size for a certain shirt, don't feel sad about it because different brands fit differently and you don't want your tops to be ill-fitted!

3. Skater Skirts are Your Friend!
(Or if you want longer, Find a Midi Skater/A-Line)

Skater skirts flare out beautifully to balance your lower body with your upper body, proportions are balanced with most tops, giving you a KILLER hourglass shape!

4. Trick the Eye Downward with Detailed Bottoms.

Detailed, patterned, & embellished skirts or pants paired with a plain top can bring attention down low instead of to the broad shoulderso.  Beading, lace, ruffles, pleats, and patterns all fit the bill on this one.

5. Skinny Jeans NEED to be Paired with a Plain Top!

Skinny jeans taper your lower body, making your top half look heavy. Pair with a button up top (Leaving a few buttons undone), a scoop neck, or v-neck shirt that draws attention downward and you’ll be golden!

6. Diagonal Sleeve INSTEAD of Horizontal!

Horizontal sleeves will add weight to your shoulders while a diagonally cut sleeve will soften the area around them!

7. Choose Cardigans, and Jackets that will Elongate Your Figure!
If you don't want your upper body to appear wide and short, I suggest that you don't buy cropped cardigans of jackets! They will make you appear boxy. Instead, opt for elongated designs and you will appear longer, which helps balance your broad shoulders out. 

8.) Peplum Type Tops!

Think about how a peplum top can emphasize your waist by cinching it in and then balance out your figure at the same time by giving you some flare at the hips! Again, great for pairing with skinny jeans, or a patterned/detailed pencil skirt!

9. Wider Straps!

If you are going to wear top with straps try to make sure they are not spaghetti thin as they like to highlight the shoulders and arms. Wider straps will soften your shoulder shape and is definitely give you a better look!

10. Long Necklaces | Body Jewelry

Work kind of like the scoop and v-neck idea, it give you a vertical look and take the eye away from the shoulders down towards your waist!


There, now you have my top ten rules for styling broad shoulders! Also NEVER forget to ditch the padding in blazers, and jackets as yet again they make your shoulders look wider and we DON'T need more of that!

If there is anything else you would like to contribute, please add it in the section below! Or tell me what you think of this list!


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  1. Thanks for the tip... I'll have to try these looks.

  2. Looks like you've got this dressing for your body type thing nailed.
    A very clever set of tips! :)

    Christie's Take on Life. x


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