10 Hacks For Caring for Curly Hair!


Hello, Lovelies!

  Contrary to popular belief, I wasn't born with the poker straight Asian hair. I was born with my father's abundant curls, which as you can imagine was such a learning curve for me growing up. I had the dreaded triangle hair for the longest time. Frizzy and unmanagable... not very encouraging for any young girl in her pre-teens trying to find her way. So I found 10 Hair Curly Hair Hacks I would like to share for others who may be struggling with their curly locks!

1| The T-shirt Effect

  Throw away those towels girls/boys and find a t-shirt you don't care about! Dry your hair by wrapping it in the tee instead of in the towel! It will significantly reduce the amount of frizz and breakage that can occur with a towel and help keep moisture locked in. Make sure to get all the all remaining water out of your hair first by squeezing it out into the tub before wrapping it!

2| From the Ends - UP

  Apply and comb your hair from the ends and move up to your roots! Reduces the tug and pull on your hair.

3| Combing

  Invest in a wide tooth comb IF you are going to comb your hair. Although I just finger comb my hair since my hair is so short right now!

4| Blow Drying? Use a Diffuser!

  So many girls I know SWEAR by this, so I use this technique if I don't have time to air dry. It works incredibly well by evenly distributing heat. Start at your ends and work your way to the roots, scrunching your hair as you go. Once it is 90% dry stop blow drying and allow it to air dry the rest of way. Apply product at this stage as well.

5| Frizz Serum

  These serums help seal all the hair cuticles so that humidity doesn't come in and completely destroy your look. The worst thing to happen to you is when you have perfect curls and then things go awry because of humidity.

6| Trim Those Curls!

  Get your hair trimmed every 6-8 weeks. I opted for a layered look to keep my hair full and healthy looking! I try to make sure that my stylist cuts my hair while it's semi-dry, because as most curly locked girl know... our hair shrinks once dry. I think that coily hair has a 75% shrink rate, while soft curls have a 30% shrink rate.

7| Avoid Sulfates, Silicones, and Parabens.

  Sulfates/sulfites are the harshest of detergents and surfactants. They are extremely drying to the hair and should be avoided at all costs. Paraben is a cancer increasing agent... which is pretty much all I have to say for that. Silicone is PLASTIC, which in thought is made to make the hair look shiny, but can only be removed by sulfates... so if you aren't using sulfates, silicone can build up and FRY your hair.

8| Argan Oil

  Argan Oil will add natural shine, will tame your frizz, and help curl your hair. It is also a natural heat protector and when used generously with a diffuser can create a beautiful effect! It also works great when you are air drying. Pretty much look up all the uses for argan oil here. It will literally be your love! Maybe try pre-treating your hair with it before you step into the shower.

9| Chop Sticks

  Wavy and curly textures can use chopsticks (believe it or not) to tease their hair, while extra coily girls have the afro pick! use this to separate ringlets and tease starting from mid-shaft to the roots to get more volume!

10| The Finger Twist

  Who said you shouldn't curl your hair with your fingers? Curls need all the natural oils they can get, feel free to tease your curls using your fingers and they will natural curl along with it! Use this trick while your hair dries, or slightly damped it before hand!



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  1. My hair's really straight but i've always wondered how people with curly hair do it and make it looks so perfect! Guess there's a lot of work behind it!



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