Femi and Fauna: (Chapter 1 | Part 2)


  "How about this one?" Fauna asked with a 'whoosh' and Femi found herself face to face with a very colorful watercolor umbrella.

  "No!" She exclaimed pushing it down out of her face, laughing playfully. "It's bad luck to open an umbrella indoors!"

  "We are in an umbrella store..." Fauna stated unimpressed. "How are we going to find the perfect one if we can't open them?"

  "Ah.." Femi stopped and looked at her sheepishly "I guess you're right!"

  Fauna looked out the window at the small pond outside. The rain was starting to turn into only a light drizzle.

  "You know, you don't have to help me find a new umbrella if you don't want to." Femi piped up behind her. "I wouldn't want to keep you from anything."

  Fauna turned with a look of surprise "No, no, I can do whatever I needed to get done later. I wanted to help you find an umbrella." She walked forward and spotted one in the corner of her eye, grabbing it she handed it to Femi. "This one?"

  Femi grabbed it hesitantly, it just looked like a plain black umbrella, nothing special. She opened it slowly only to be met with surprise. Inside was another layer of fabric, with the 'starry night' painting inside. It was a unique design. "This is kind of cool!" She smiled, with excitement. "To be honest I didn't think that I would find another nice 'Starry Night...' It took me forever to find the last one"

  Fauna smiled "It was kind of hanging a bit open and I saw it... I think this one is perfect."

  "It's our last one!" The shop-keeper piped up from the front. "Straight from Korea."

  "I'll take it!" Femi beamed, as the owner wrapped it up for her.

  As they walked out of the shop Fauna stared at the sky, it was starting to clear. "Looks like you'll have to break in that umbrella another day." She smirked. 

  "Yeah..." Femi looked brightly at the sky. "So, where are you going to go now?"

  "I'm thinking I should get my phone fixed... that's what I was going to do before everything happened." Fauna sighed, stretching with a yawn in the warmth of the sun. "What about you?"

  "Ah... I actually have nothing planned... I was just walking around downtown because I had nothing better to do... so I guess I will just head home now."

  "I see..." Fauna looked around, they were on Granville Island and she didn't think there was anywhere that could help her with her phone issues... she'd have to go back downtown. "Where do you live?"

  "I live near the big mall in Burnaby, you probably know it... Metrotown?" 

  Fauna looked surprised. "I live in Burnaby too... I guess we could take the Skytrain back together and you could go home or we could hang out at the mall while they fix my phone. I was kind of craving frozen yogurt anyway."

  Femi wasn't used to someone going out of their way to spend time with her. She had always been a bit of a loner... not because she didn't want to have friends, she had just never been able to make or keep good ones... so she didn't really know how to respond. "Um... sure, I guess I could go for some Froyo as well..." her voice trailed off as she watched Fauna nod in agreement and start towards the bus.

  Fauna wasn't quite sure what was happening either... she didn't know why she didn't just say "Goodbye" right then and there... maybe ask for her Facebook and casually chat here and there. 'No...' she mentally shook herself. "What ARE you thinking? Facebook, Fauna are you kidding me? Make a real friend today." Her inner self screamed at her. Looking back she saw Femi trailing along behind her so she held out her hand and beckoned to her. "Come on!" She stated cheerfully. "Let's go!"

  Femi perked up with a smile. "Coming!" She picked up her pace and caught up to Fauna, feeling happier than she did a moment ago.

  The two then stood quietly, yet pleasantly waiting for the bus.


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