Femi and Fauna: (Chapter 2 | Part 1)


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  “Would you like some frozen yogurt to go with your toppings?” Fauna laughed at Femi, who was piling her bowl sky high with gummies and chocolate.

Femi giggled “But the best part of these things are the toppings!”

“That’s probably gonna weigh a ton and be expensive!”

“Well, I don’t treat myself often to this for the reasons stated!” Femi chuckled.

Fauna held out her bowl “See, this is how I do it!” She had four sections, fruit, chocolate, nuts, and a couple gummies.

“Way to precise for me!” Laughed Femi, as she walked up to the counter and placed her bowl on the scale.

“That’ll be $26.50” Stated the cashier with a smile on his face, as he had heard Fauna’s comment on how expensive her frozen yogurt would be.

Femi saw at the total and laughed. “Well, this will keep me full for the rest of the day then!”

Fauna tried to keep a straight face but felt a small giggle escape her lips. “Well, I would say ‘I told you so’ but I’m just gonna stand over here till you’re done!”

After Femi finished paying, she stepped aside for Fauna as watched as she placed her bowl on the scale.

“Your bowl comes to $8.50”

Fauna’s face dropped a bit… “Okay, so mine is more expensive than I expected… but at least it’s not as detrimental as yours!”

Femi just laughed and they both started walking through the mall. “So, they couldn’t fix your phone huh?”

“Nah, so I am just going to buy a new one… unlike fro-yo I am more willing to spend on technology.” Fauna smiled… “I just don’t know what I am going to choose.”

“Yeah I can see how that would be a difficult choice.”

“It’s okay, I will go out and do that tomorrow, so we can just hang out today if you’d like.”

“Sounds good to me, we can go to the park near here, since the weather has improved.” Femi suggested. “It’s actually nice out now!”
With a nod of agreement, the girls headed out of the mall and into the beautiful sunshine. They made their way into the park, which was surprisingly not too busy, and found themselves a cool spot under the arms of an Elm Tree.

Femi watched as Fauna popped a large spoonful of their icy treats into her mouth and sigh in happiness.

“Sooo, what do you like to do Fauna? Besides saving random girls from sure death by oncoming vehicles.” She asked sincerely, trying to add some humor to her traumatic experience earlier on that morning.

“Hmmm? Oh…” Fauna furrowed her eyebrows and crossed her legs. “Hmm, I don’t know where to begin. I like to play guitar and piano in the band I am in, I also paint, and love to travel… although I’ve only traveled internationally once so far. I guess that’s a good beginner intro to me. I also really enjoy books and video games… how about you?”

Femi smiled. “Wow, you might be too cool for me! I really like listening to music, although I cannot play an instrument for the life of me… I can sing a bit… I love photography, but I cannot draw in any way, so always admired people who could draw or paint. I do like books as well! Mostly in the fiction and mystery genres. I’ve never really played any video games except a few dance ones, but they’ve always interested me. I took ballet for 8 years, and am currently trying to find a career pertaining to dance.”

Fauna looked as though she was impressed. “Wow, that’s really cool… I never ever took any sort of dance, I guess because it takes so much dedication and passion for it. My music has always come first for me. But you’re super ambitious and that’s something to admire.”

“Yeah, I guess… but the same is to be said for music. That takes a lot of time to learn, kind of like a language all on its own.” Femi tossed one of her gummy bears into her mouth and chewed thoughtfully. “I don’t know, I was so glad to get out of high school when I was younger that I just kind of ignored everything else and focused on my dancing…”

“Yeah, same… I had my own goals and went to music school after high school to find myself and just ended up focusing on guitar and piano more than other instruments… by the way, how old are you? If I may ask?”

Femi smiled… “I’m 23, I’ll be 24 July 18th, you?”

Fauna stared at her with a look of bafflement… “Um… I don’t know how to say this… but… that’s just too uncanny for me…”

  “What?” Femi questioned worriedly… she was sure that she hadn’t said anything wrong. “I’m not lying I promise!” She laughed.

“No, it’s not that I think you’re lying… it’s just that, well…” Fauna paused and chewed on her lower lip awkwardly… “That’s my birthday too… and I’m going to be 24 as well…”

To Be Continued....

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  1. I enjoyed reading this , more as the name FEMI I can relate to a lot. thanks for sharing.


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