Vancouver Sun? Find a Fashionable Hat!


   Hello, Lovelies!

    Spring is here and the sun has been starting to shine brightly here in Vancouver, along with its rain... so I started out on a search for a fashion forward but affordable hat!

    So to your left, you will see that I found a great wool fedora by L.A. Express. I have always been a huge fan of fedoras but never felt like they really suited me when I had long hair... I don't know, maybe when I did, I just didn't know how to style it properly.

    This particular hat was purchased at Urban Planet for $24.99, which to me seemed like a great quality for the price that I paid for it. It was thick, structured and didn't flop in front of my face despite the wider brim than what is normally found in a fedora.

Urban Planet $24.99
    So I decided that I would put together a compilation of some of the hats that I have really liked seeing all over Pinterest and in my random window shopping. I feel like hats are such a necessity in day to day life. Not only can they shield you from the sun and rain, they will immensely help with your facial skin care regiment after all too much sun is not great for the face and over time you can develop sun-spots (dark spots) and it can make your skin more sensitive or make you develop wrinkles and lines earlier than your time! Which no woman wants to deal with earlier than they have to.

    This beautiful Asymetrical Cream Fedora is made by MAGGIE MOWBREY MILLINERY. I love how it arches down from one eye and down. I think that it adds an air of mystery to a woman, where she can be seen from one side but from the other she can choose to not be.

    I have always had this vision in my head that this is what all female detectives in the mystery books I have read would be wearing when they put on a hat. Very classic and stunning.

    This pretty number is designed by BANANA REPUBLIC style: Rivet Straw Hat and retails for $62.00.

    Again I really love structured hats, so you are going to see a lot of them in this post. One of the accents that I really appreciate about this particular one is the black band that pops over the cream.

    Although I LOVE this hat, I know that if you want a straw hat to keep its shape, you MUST store it in a place where it can't get squashed at any point! It is so hard to reshape straw hats!

    I decided to add this cute fedora to my list because of its nautical look! It makes me want to just hang out by the sea!

    This hat is purchasable at SPRING and is called the Foscalina! It is sold at the wonderful price of $17.99. So I think if you are looking something cute and affordable, this could definitely be a great addition to your wardrobe.

    Anyways that is it for my list of the top four hats that I have discovered on my own, but here are some fabulous hats and style ideas below! I hope that you enjoy!


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  1. I love all of your choices!! You look amazing in that fedora hat too. Thanks for sharing. And, I'm still hunting for the perfect one to fit my head just right :)



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