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A Few Words.

What exactly is the dream that I am chasing?

I know that is has been a long time since I have posted. I keep promising to write more and more but with every promise of writing more often, I seem to take even longer hiatuses.

I have been super busy with work. At the beginning of January, I got promoted to being a Set Decorator. I am not even sure how it all happened, but it has been an incredibly scary and amazing roller coaster.

It's kind of amazing, I was only going to work part time after having Wilder, but it quickly snowballed into full-time and then eventually towards Head of Department.

Now as I am working towards wrap of this show, it has given me time to reflect and be amazed at the growth I have experienced over the past few months.

I have learned that I can stand on my own two feet. I have met wonderful people and I don't think that I could have survived these past few months without hiring the amazing team I had. I could not have done it all alone.

I finally got my hair re-colored again so I am feeling more myself, although in all honesty. I have really been struggling to figure out my next step. I keep asking myself "What's next?"

I have been trying to work on a side project that will help other professionals in the film industry connect and find jobs. I want to create a new and modernized way for professionals to connect and grow.

I also have been playing around with the idea of working more on my photography so I can eventually find some way to work freelance.

I have been watching a lot of self made videos and I have been keeping my side business of designing websites for people open. Which is something that helps keep things level when I am not working in film.

I want to find something that I can call totally mine. I know it is out there. I just don't know exactly how to take the first step.

In other news, life at home has been a lot better. I had my small doubt of depression the past couple weeks, but I think that it just my normal "Show Wrap" depression I get at the end of every long show run.

My first born Adrian has started karate, I really believe that it has been helping him with self-discipline and giving him a lot of self-confidence in making friends. I think it is a really good start for him before he starts school, which is terrifying for me that the time has come.

I really hope that my next chapter this year is equally as productive and provides it's own set of challenges that help me grow more and more.



Cheers to what is next!
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