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Keeping the Bump Stylish - Life Before the Pop

Hello, Lovelies!

  Today marks the last time I would walk into the maternity ward for an appointment. It seemed kind of surreal to know that in six days... our little baby "W" will be in my arms.

  Provided that he doesn't decide to come earlier! Haha!

  The months have flown by, and I believe it's mostly because of my work. But this past month that I have had off has been a breath of fresh air. I didn't really feel like I got to enjoy it like most people because of the fast pace of the Film Industry.

  Since I've been home, I've been able to re-decorate my house, do some much needed D-I-Y projects, playing with my son Adrian and prepare him for his little brother, play games with my husband, and finally binge on some movies that I haven't been able to keep up with!

 But today, it hit me... six days... as I write this now it is now 5 days but still... it's almost hard to believe.

  This past month feels like the first time I have had to actually enjoy my pregnancy and just like that... the month is over and my life will change yet again.

  One thing though that I haven't let slide is my love of fashion.

  I always promised myself since I was young, that if I ever became a mother... I would never be one that let myself falter in my fashion sense. Being a mom is not only just taking care of your kids, but it is also taking care of yourself. Feeling good throughout pregnancy as well.

  I didn't want to be that mom that I heard people talking negatively about growing up... I want my sons to grow up respecting women and the hard work that they do. Whether a woman is a stay at home mom or a career woman like me... I never want my sons or especially my husband look at me like I let myself go emotionally after having kids, so my mentality has always been that regardless of kids or life, my children would know that there are times that are strictly MOMMY TIMES where I can do my makeup, take a bath, or even blog and they are not to impose on that time, because everyone deserves room to breathe.

  I understand, that this is a blessing that I have been given because I have a wonderful husband and life partner who is 100% a believer in equality within a marriage.

  He cleans the house, does laundry, cooks dinner, and is constantly working with me to raise our son (soon to be sons) I don't think that I could be as put together right now without him. Especially with my history of anxiety and depression... motherhood would not be possible without his constant love and support.

  I wouldn't have been able to enter the career I am in without him. He sacrificed his regular job in Information Technology to work from home and stay with our son so I could continue pursuing my dreams of working in film!

  This has been such a huge help to me rebuilding my self-worth that I lost in my teenage years. Being around so many people who constantly beat me down back then, I was famous for second-guessing myself and giving up on projects if I felt overwhelmed.

   He constantly tells me how proud he is to have watched me change in the 11 years we have been together. In October we will be celebrating our eight year wedding anniversary!

  This pregnancy has been a world of a difference and I wanted to feel cute and beautiful throughout my entire pregnancy. I picked pieces with care, I didn't invest a lot in official "maternity" wear (which costs a fortune if anyone looks it up) a regular t-shirt if labeled maternity could cost $40 or more for that little bit of extra fabric.

  I actually just invested in more maxi dresses and minimalist pieces that would fit me after pregnancy. In the first photos above, all my clothes were pre-pregnancy dresses I already owned.

  I kept a lot of my t-shirts that didn't cover my bump completely but invested in over-all style dresses and continued to wear my stretchy pencil skirts and layered with the shirts I commonly wear and already loved.

   I also didn't invest in any new shoes. Since I commonly wear thicker heel shoes, I could comfortably wear all my normal heels throughout the spring, summer, and fall. My Timberlands and Sperry's still being my hands down winners for comfort and working with almost every outfit! I also have a pair of flat by Royal Canadian with memory foam for my ease if I really feel like NOT tying my shoelaces... due to the bump. Haha!

  The skirt to the left of this is again a pre-pregnancy purchase and has been one of my go-to skirts for years. I wore this up over my bum and a tied button-up shirt.

  I haven't been afraid to show some skin as well, keeping up with my off shoulder shirts and asymmetrical skirts. As I am super short, wearing anything super long or too baggy makes me look short and stumpy... so I didn't feel like changing the style choices that had always worked for my 5'4" self, I just found new ways to work with my rounding belly.

  I went through my entire closet and got RID of more clothes than I purchased for the past few months. I think I can count on my hands just how many clothing articles I actually purchased throughout this period and got rid of over 10 bags of clothing that I had been holding onto for years... some since I was a teenager.

  I have been delving into minimalism and it has been a chaotic ride de-cluttering my house and thinking to myself... 'Do I need this? How long ago did I use this? Should I get rid of this? Should I buy this?'  As difficult as this is, my house has slowly been coming together for the better and I have been able to enjoy being home more.

  It's amazing how much we actually got rid of, but that's another blog post for another day... when I fully complete my house to the way I want it... I will do a de-cluttering/house tour video maybe?

  Anyways, soon I will be posting baby "W's" Newborn photoshoot... I have wonderful plans for that, so stay tuned!



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