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Life Updates with Hadessah

Updated: Apr 15, 2019

Wilder Illias Finn

Hello, Lovelies!

  So much has happened since I last updated the blog! I would like you all to meet my little one! His name is Wilder Ilias Finn and I just adore him!

  These past few months have been so insane, that I haven't had a moment to just sit down and write about it, so here it goes.

  Wilder was born via cesarean on Sept 19th, at 7lbs 14ozs and was 23 inches long. It was a very fast delivery and there were no complications.

  Adrian was ecstatic to meet his little brother, we made it a special moment, my sister was able to catch it on film and I am happy to report that he has been adjusting well. There are a few moments where he's been jealous, but we make sure he is involved and talk to him regularly about how he is feeling. He definitely loves his little brother though, always giving him so many kisses and holding him whenever he can.

  I went back to work a week and a half after having Wilder. The notion of it might be crazy to everyone since Canada has paid maternity leave, but the amounts they pay you per week isn't even a quarter of my normal weekly wage... so I went back to work so that we can save an go on a long family vacation this next spring/summer.

  I am happy though, I thought that going back to work might be too hard on me, especially since babies can be so unpredictable and I might not get any sleep with my long Film hours (12-14 hr days) But God was gracious and Wilder likes to sleep from 9:30 pm at night to about 5 am, which is the time that I go to work in the morning, so I just give him a bottle before I got and he drifts back off to sleep, so his dad can get more rest as well.

  I am currently planning on writing a book. After much deliberation, it would seem that I want to sit down and tell the story about the struggles I've had as an adult being raised in conservative circles and how I've overcome the bad and rolled with the good, still holding on to my faith.

  I have been feeling a little unsure of what my future holds. I am looking to do a change in my career... I don't think I want to continue with Set Decoration... I might move on to something new. I've been invited to join a few Props teams. So I went and completed the needed courses for me to enter into that department... and when this show I am working on ends, I will probably move on to that. I need a change of pace... and probably a little bit of a detox.

  I am also looking to incorporate mt media business. I have been brainstorming with my husband in the direction I want this blog to go, as well as how we will join our video gaming media with my graphic and web design business. He has been starting to make videos on Youtube as well... so when that all get hammered out, I will be super excited to introduce the company to you all.

  I have been staying vigilant with my photography as well... even though I haven't been doing as many shoots because of work, I have been planning and staying inspired by photographing the items around me and trying to glean inspiration from them.

  One amazing thing that happened after Wilder was born, was one of my best friend Kenny came down to visit us! Kenny is Wilder's god-father and we were very blessed by his visit and I certainly hope that he was blessed by visiting as well! He has been such an encouragement in my life and has been through so much that it was nice to finally be able to sit down with him in person and chat about life.

  I was really excited because he got to go to the new church that my cousin Alvir and one of my husband and my dear friends started. Through that visit, I think that Kenny was able to make some really good friendships with my family down here, and I think that it was blessing for me as well to see a church coming together that was down to earth and treated the Gospel for what it really is... Good News.

  Philip and I have been un-churched for so long. We just could not find a church where we felt comfortable bringing our children. We both come from different backgrounds... I came from a very strict conservative Christian home and I didn't want my children to have to deal with the same issues I have had to work through... I want them to understand the Grace of God in a way that they don't have to hide. I want them to understand Grace, Purity, Faith, and Love with hearts that know that they will make mistakes... but God will always be there to help pick them up and as their parents... Phil and I will always be there for them to talk to about anything. They need not run and hide, but they can expect us to always be praying for them and loving them... no matter what.

  Anyways, I can't give too much backstory on this, as this will all be written in my short book. Trying to figure out a title! :D

  I shall update more frequently from now on!

Love, Hadessah

Stay Wild Moon Child

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