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My Question of "Why?" Mixed Race with a Letter to Humanity

Hello Lovelies,

  Today is a day of contemplation, but really in truth... when am I not contemplating what's going on in the world around me?

  I think what started this particular trail of thought was something that I said to Phil a few days ago... we were talking about how we were going to PAX this year and he started to talk about next year and what events in the States I would want to go to... to which I automatically quipped. "Yeah, but if Donald Trump becomes president... I don't think I would want to go to the States since it's having a huge race issue right now."

  I don't even know where that came from! I never thought that I would ever have had to say something like that in this day in age. Me, a mixed race woman not feeling comfortable with the thought of travelling to the states in worry of being discriminated against.

  Philip just looked at me and responded with "Yeah, I forgot that it might be a problem... me and my colored wife." He looked genuinely concerned but tried to make a joke out of it.

  Have we really reached a point in our modern world, where we have to think about where we will travel in North America because of our colors? When did we allow racism to creep back into our homes?

  I have not felt my heart be this heavy in a long time, and it donned on me more yesterday when I was on the Ferry going to Nanaimo BC. It's heavy tourism season and I was just leaning against the railing enjoying the scenery and the breeze of the ocean... when I got disturbed by a young man (obviously from the southern United States.) He leaned against the railing beside me and leaned towards me to catch my attention. I looked back at him and made eye contact, upon which he asked in a jeering voice.

  "What ARE you? Are you Mexican or Asian? My buddy over there and I have been trying to figure that out for the past 10 minutes."

  I just know that I gave him the most perplexed looked, furrowed my eyebrows. I was so torn inside, I didn't know whether to be angry or to cry... that brazen question of "What ARE you?"

  HUMAN... human... that's what I am.

  It's sad that I have to sit in the crevices of my being and wonder exactly what that is starting to mean in today's society to be human. What is classified as human? Do you feel better by being prejudice towards the people around that you think are lesser than you? Do you walk around avoiding those with a different skin REGARDLESS of what race you are with a sneer in your thoughts, Whites, Asians, Blacks, Natives, etc.... do you look at another race and think "I'm better than them because?"

  We have children in the states who are scared to go to school because somebody might point them out as the immigrant who going to be "sent back", children who are scared to go to school because they might be one of the only children of milk colored skin in a predominantly colored school, children scared that their exotic lunches might be called stinky, yucky, DISGUSTING. Which in turn makes them feel DISGUSTING.

  But you know what red blood flows through all of our veins, when did it become okay to spill blood, of all colors in these terrorist attacks around the globe? WHY are we giving these monsters a voice, a platform, letting their bigotry and hatred resound within the walls of concert halls to slums?

  WHY, WHY, WHY?! Is all I hear, but I don't see us all joining hands, I don't see us rising up and standing with our fellow man. Instead, I hear moaning, complaining, groaning... "The refugees are our problem!" they scream behind the hot computer screens with their cold words "The immigrants! The Chinese! The Indians! The Jews! The Russians!" On and on the blame game goes when the real problem is that we have all forgotten one simple little word.


  We are all here, facing problems each day, but we are all too busy passing off the blame, it's not okay. We need to appreciate humanity around us, acknowledge that we aren't all okay... but be there for each other at the end of the day... because where has the love of our fellow man gone?

  I am hearing so many people yelling "Why if there is a God would he allow this to happen?" What about the if? We rejected Him a long time ago, we have brought this upon ourselves. We constantly deny Him, yet when a tragedy strikes, all of a sudden we are all praying, blaming, and cursing the very one we've rejected. He's still there performing miracles every day, but those don't get broadcasted on the news. Instead, the fear, anger, deceit, lies, and hatred show up day after day barraging me, hurting me, whispering in my ears "there is no God." But my soul knows better.

  As a Christian I am constantly faced with people bothering me every day, wanting me to deny my faith, choosing to block their ears thinking that because of the media I bring nothing but hate. But instead I believe in the words of my Father in heaven (hallowed be HIS name) I reach out my hands and know that if I could but die for another that does not believe, I'd be alright with this fate. I will love beyond reason, leave all judgment to God the Father for I cannot pass condemnation upon anyone.

  Love, Humans. For God so loved the WORLD, that he gave his only begotten SON that WHOSOEVER believeth in HIM shall NOT perish but shall have ETERNAL life. (John 3:16) I should love everyone, I should try to be a hope to everyone. Are we as Christians walking the walk, talking the talk, being someone's hand to hold, a life-line to the Savior? I for one can say that I have failed SO many times.

  Life is short and we have NO RIGHT to pick and choose who to love and who is worthy of our love when we have received a love so unconditional it should be radiating from our chests. Pure love for mankind... that's what this world could use more of.

Life is Short.

Love, A Human

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