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Ode to Memories

We were all young once. Life slowly leading us to decisions, consequences, and chain reactions that create the winding pathways that all lead us here. To this very moment… jotting down our memoirs.

  Within our stories are plenty of tear soaked pages and smiles that play lightly on your lips remembering the fondest moments of when your heart beat fast… making you feel alive.

Maybe moments you remember the overwhelming effervescent laughter ringing through your head as if it were yesterday, catch you up in their infectious spirit… and you might find yourself snickering yet again at these moments.

  Maybe… when you write down the name of a former sweetheart… your heart will stop. You will catch your breath at the memories of their fingers through your hair, then entwining sweetly through yours. You might wonder where they are at in that moment of nostalgic bliss.

  Don’t forget the lessons this life has taught you… every recollection played a vital part in who you are as an individual in this current moment of existence. Write them down, cherish them and move forward, continuing down this bewitching passage through life.

Love, Hadessah

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