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Pregnancy + Sanity

Hello, Lovelies,

    Life has been a whirlwind of excitement and the cat is officially out to the bag as I am now on week 30 of my pregnancy. Many of you might have seen the Instagram photo I had a few months ago when I did a baby announcement with my son Adrian. If not I will post the photo at the bottom.

   I feel like I have been doing a disservice to the blog though... I have been so busy with work and planning for when the little one comes, that I have completely ignored this page... and that is just not fair, especially when there are so many things I should have been writing about.

   First and foremost, the baby is healthy and happy! We are expecting another little boy and have already picked out a name for him. My son Adrian is very excited to meet his brother (He's been asking for a long time) and he really enjoys feeling the baby kick him and tumble around in my belly... which happens pretty much non-stop. This pregnancy was definitely way harder for me than my first. Adrian was kind of a piece of cake and did not cause any morning sickness or discomfort until the last few months.

   This little one seemed to like to make me sick at the drop of a hat and I could not eat a lot of different foods. However, it has been really good at preventing too much weight gain. With Adrian, I gained a LOT of weight... with this one I am on month 7 and have only gained the specified amount for this stage of pregnancy. So that's a blessing, less weight to work off after pregnancy.

  On the work front... life has been a little hectic. Working my film hours and balancing life at home has taken a lot of my energy, plus with all the stress of planning for maternity leave... which equals having savings and pre-stocking on baby formula and diapers has tied up our family budget quite a bit! However, it's worth it because I feel way more prepared for this pregnancy than I did with my previous!

  I just finished working on a mentally and emotionally draining show... where it seemed like a lot of people were fighting and being stupid for no reason. Being pregnant made me extra sensitive to that and it took a lot of energy to not physically slap some people. I feel like the film industry is coming to a point where there are so many new people that instead of working as a team, everyone is working like they are only looking out for themselves and that is a very dangerous position to be in! We need more unity from the newer generation of film collaborating with the older one, but it's almost like they are having a harder time getting along and adjusting.

   Also. the younger generation needs to STOP acting so entitled... it is ruining the vibe in a lot of offices right now. Anyways, as I was saying... this last show I was one was full of slandering and just utter unprofessional behavior. I won't even be putting this one on my resume... as it was a sheer mess.

   Now I am in a weird transitional period where I am too pregnant to be on a series, since I will be leaving on maternity leave and since I am in Set Decoration, nobody will want to risk having me as a Set Dresser (moving furniture, hanging curtains, Etc...) so I am just trying to bide my time doing short shows for the next two months to keep my little family afloat and keep incurring savings so we don't feel strained.

  I am also looking into some other business opportunities for myself so that if I can find a way to be my own boss... I am going to take it and get out of the film industry. I just want to grow and expand my Graphic Design, Photography, and Web Design side of things and have a few projects in mind to reach those goals. So hopefully in a few months, I will get to add on to this site with a clearer agenda. I will use my maternity leave time to learn and do a few courses so I am more prepared when I get back to work.

   Other than that, this pregnancy has been speeding by! I don't know if it is the 60+ hrs a week I have been working or what... but it definitely astounds me to think that in 2 more months I will be holding another little one! I cannot wait to meet him!

Well that's it for the latest update!



Adrian is so excited to be a big brother!
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