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Road Trips + Experiences

Photo by - @Patricio.apeles
Mermaid Vibes

As many of you know, I just wrapped a show called Gabby Duran and the Unsittables. It was a crazy past 7 months of my life, but I am looking forwards towards what is next in my life.

One of my first meetups with a friend was with my friend Patricio Apeles, he and I hadn't done a shoot together in a long time, so we got together and finally got some nice shots out by the Coquitlam River, in British Columbia.

He's probably one of the only people I trust to take photos of me and is fun to work with.

After the shoot with him, I started to get ready for our family road trip to Saskatoon. Saskatchewan. I hadn't been back to the town that I had grown up in for a few years and I decided that it was high time.

Last year, I had a really hard time taking time for myself away from work. I kind of prioritized it, but I need to spend more time with my family out here.

So Phil and I packed up the children and headed out on our 13-hour adventures through the BC Mountains, and across the flat lands of Alberta and Saskatchewan.

As you can see, we did get subjected to some beautiful vistas! This one was taken as we weaved through the mountain highways. I enjoyed this part of the drive, as I always feel really one with nature when I am surrounded by mountains, and trees and am away from the hustle and bustle of the city.


All of everyone's concerns about road tripping with children were for nought though. Adrian and Wilder were amazing travel companions and sat very well for being 4 years old and 7 months.

We stopped every few hours to stretch and relax a bit but didn't lose any time at all.

Once we arrived in my old hometown, it was such a blessing to see my grandparents spending and enjoying time with their great-grandchildren.

Wilder and Adrian are so blessed to be surrounded by these wonderful members of my family, and it really hit me how it doesn't feel like it was that long ago that I myself was cuddling up to my grandparents and doing projects with them.

My grandma Helen has been suffering from Alzheimers Disease... so these moments of her remembering Wilder and Adrian are very precious, as she isn't retaining as much any more.

It does grieve me to see my grandmother struggling with this, and my grandfather struggling to keep up and make her life seem as normal and routine as possible. I feel ever grateful that they live right next door to my parents and never have to feel that emptiness of being unloved or forgotten.

Growing up my grandpa Ted was and is one of my heroes. I really hope and pray that he continues to have the strength and wisdom to continue this journey with love and patience.

As you can see, Wilder really adores his great-grandpa, always greeting him with a smile and trying to crawl over to him.

He was really blessed this trip because all three of his great-grandparents are here, as my Lola Oma (My Mama's Mother) is also here visiting my parents, so both of the children are getting a huge dose of their precious grandparents.

I am really looking forward as well to when we visit Philip's parents in Nelson, BC on the way back home. Then both Adrian and Wilder are going to get a wonderful experience of seeing all their grandparents so close together!

Adrian has been having a wonderful time down here as well. He and my dad have been very busy building things and spending time outdoors.

My dad got him this little electrical Jeep for him and Adrian to build together, so they were hard at work... I got some pretty adorable photos!

They were just working up a storm and now Adrian goes out for "drives" with Grandpa Kent, there really isn't much more that warms my heart than getting to see my little boy spend time with my daddy!

The sister and I have been having some fun too! She snapped a few photos of me and I am going to do a full blown photo-shoot for her Graduation Photos. JUST IN CASE I am not able to be here for her high-school graduation.

Philip and I have also been bonding and having a lot of couple fun here in Saskatchewan. I don't know if it's all the walks down memory lane that is getting to us, but I have been feeling like we have gone back in time and have gotten all lovey-dovey this past week... and to be honest... I LOVE IT!

I will be taking more photos along this trip, but just wanted to post a little life update!

Have fun lovelies!



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