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Foncy Nails - Nail Wraps are Back!

Nail Wraps... those amazing nail stickers of my and many other childhoods seemed to have disappeared off of the face of the planet for a long time.

Foncy Nails is a small Black Woman-owned, locally-based nail wrap business out of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Created by my best friend Kayla Mackey - a Graphic Designer who loves nail art, but could never get it quite right with regular nail polish and as someone who didn't want to spend a fortune on constant manicures... saw a need after looking tirelessly for these little holy grails of the nail world... and after finding almost no options she decided to design and open her own Nail Wrap Company called Foncy Nails. A love child of Graphic Design and Nail Art.

After dreaming about this vision and sourcing out the best application process, that she could find. She started working on designs that women anywhere would find trendy, fashionable, and beautiful on their nails.

Last year was when she got in the first demos of her product for me to try out and to be honest, it was such a fast and simple process. Her designs were gorgeous!

Because we both work full-time in the film industry, her job as a graphic artist kept her very busy and she wasn't able to design as many nail wraps as she wanted to launch with right away. So she kept designing whatever she could in her free time.

Once COVID-19 hit Canada though, our whole industry shut down and suddenly there was all this free time for her to really focus all her energy on really building and working on her business.

From designing her logo, packaging, and finishing her website, to building her social platforms. She wanted to launch.

She knew that with the restrictions of COVID-19 that the glamorous promotional videos and photoshoots would have to wait with Social Distancing, but she opened with a fire in her soul that all of these things would come with time and as her business grew.

She thinks that Foncy isn't perfect or as polished as she would like just yet like some of the larger beauty companies that are out there, but she knows she's just in the beginning stages and there is plenty of room to grow.

Foncy is a great product that is a confidence-boosting form of self-expression for the modern woman and is budget-friendly. Unlike other companies who use vinyls or transfer papers, her Nail Wraps are screen printed with 5-free nail polish inks, which means they sit on the nail like real polish, and can last up to two weeks with proper care.

In five years, she would love to see Foncy Nails on the shelves at Sephora, Sally's, or other beauty supply stores and local businesses. As well as having a major online presence.

I for one, cannot wait to see what new styles she comes up with and will always support and root for her to grow and reach her vision.

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