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Ona Chan Jewelry - Local Vancouver Jewelry Designer

Ona Chan Jewelry is a local woman-owned business here in Vancouver, BC.

Ona Chan kindly reached out to me over Instagram to see if I would be interested in wearing one of her necklaces from her new Cuban Chain Collection and I could not say "no", as I had been following her jewelry designs for a while and we had previously always had encouraging and kind correspondence over Instagram.

So she graciously and generously sent me the Cuban Mini Lock with Black Agate | Cuban Link Chain Necklace from her latest collection and I promised to style it and promote her in an Instagram post on my profile. Although, this piece is so beautiful and made with such quality, that it will be worn in many posts in the future.

Soon after our correspondence, she mailed me the necklace and I waited for it with anticipation.

When it arrived, it was meticulously packaged. The whole package was wrapped in blue tissue paper, I was then greeted with a nice sleeve with Ona Chan's Logo on the front of it. Inside said sleeve was yet another wrapped package of blue tissue paper, which I carefully unwrapped and found a cloth bag with the necklace. A thin plastic wrapped around the lock to avoid scuffing in transport.

I knew that the next day I would have to style it and immediately tried to think of a way to mix my currently shorter, more masculine haircut, with a feminine flair that would make the piece appear soft and dainty, even with its thicker chain style.

I decidedly paired it with a transparent grey lingerie bodysuit with embroidered blue petals to match the blue tissue paper of Ona Chans packaging colors with black jeans and a grey sweater that I could use to appear as if I was getting dressed for the day.

As a mom of three boys, many times I cannot find time to project this kind of softness in my day-to-day life and I normally project a harder more "punk persona" but this time I just wanted to project the feminine luxury that I felt when wearing the necklace.

Black agate is a protection stone that is supposed to give and promote courage and balance.

This past year has been a rollercoaster of emotions and growth so I felt like the black agate was appropriate and even through all of it, I would like to think that even through divorce, pregnancy, starting anew... I have been facing it with a grace, courage, and softness that has always been a part of me.

I have had to be bold in ways I never thought I would have to be. Putting my foot down and setting boundaries for my life. I've had to discover my resilience and makes sure that my sons see that strength and also know how to set boundaries and goals for themselves. Being as true to themselves as they can be and not be apologetic for it.

This was a sentiment that Ona Chan and I talked about for a bit. Exchanging feelings of how we both wanted to be strong and stand up on our own two feet. Being individuals outside of being just mothers, wives, partners, etc.

We live in a day and age where women CAN be business owners, creators and masters of our own dreams and take ownership of our futures.

I may not know what 2021 will have in store for me, and I know that a few of my battles have not seen the conclusion that I wanted to see in 2020, but I know that I will face it with the same grace and dignity that I have always tried to project throughout my life.

"Ona" Latin for "Full of Grace, Gaelic for "Unity". So as Ona Chan's mantra is for her business "Lead a life of Grace and Unity." So shall I try to live life by this.

Ona Chan Jewelry is Minimalist Jewelry for a Modern Life. She is ethically run and guided by strength and purpose. You can read her full about and ethos on her website.

Please give her Instagram page a peruse as well: Onachanjewelry

She has been officially added to my business directory on the website as well!

Much love and have a wonderful day!


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