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My Nightmare with Too Faced: Better than Sex Mascara

Hello Lovelies,

  So about a week and a half ago, I decided to jump on the Beauty Guru Train *Toot toot* and get myself a treat from Sephora, the Too Faced, Better than Sex Waterproof Mascara.

  I was so excited to try it out, but since I was having my bestie Ashlee over I decided to wait until Monday to try it out. New show, meant new mascara and we all know I want to make a good impression!

  Monday morning comes, I put on the Mascara, all the raves about it came to mind and really I did see an amazing amount of added volume. All those who know me, already know that I already have naturally long eyelashes... so this was more of an "I want to have the look of fake lashes without the fake lashes" attempt.

  At first, it stung a bit, but I didn't think anything of it, I loved the outcome, and I convinced myself that it was just because it was a new mascara and my eyes had to adjust.

  I made my way to work with my friend and started the first grueling 12-hour shift I've had in my entire film career... now mind you, I don't consider my eyes sensitive, I've always been able to put anything around my eyes and face and have no reaction what so ever... this however was the start of my 6 days of hell.

  The entire day, my left eye watered... not just the little tear here and there... oh no, it wasn't that kind to me. It wanted to CRY... I was dabbing my eye all day... convincing myself that my eye was just getting used to it... it would be okay. I loved this new mascara... how could I not? I mean there is water droplets on the mascara packaging!!

  That evening I went home and washed my face, making sure that I got it all off, and went to sleep.

  Next morning, my eye was looking a little tender... but I decided... hey my eye wasn't going to get used to this mascara by not wearing it... so I tried it again... the WORST choice I made that day!

  My right eye, though, through all this was perfectly fine! No reaction whatsoever. But my LEFT EYE swelled right up, went red... whites of my eyes and outer lids... it was a nightmare. It took everything that day to convince people in the office, that NO I didn't have pink eye... just my eye hated this mascara.

  That night I washed it off thoroughly, bought eye drops and started my 4 days of recovery. I thought that maybe if I just stopped using the product it would heal right away... but it didn't. When I feel asleep my eyes were so watery that my eyelashes would stick together when I woke up in the morning. I went to my doctor and she confirmed that I had a reaction to the mascara.

  I went 4 days around my new office, putting eye drops in my eyes and staring at everyone with one red eye and one white one... also... I think that the worst part was at night...

  Even when I wasn't using the mascara... the healing process was a pain! literally a pain, I decided to look under my lower eyelid, because that was the one thing that the doctor didn't do... and my eye left like there was something scratching at it. I folded it down and discovered a TON of mascara fibers in there... I had to take my NAIL and scrape them slowly and gently out because they wouldn't just come out with a water rinse. The fibers were literally holding on to me!!

  So now... my face is back to normal, Sephora did a return for me, showing pity because I was there with still my one red eye... :/ So embarrassing....

  WARNING to all girl with sensitive eyes... stay away from Too Faced Better than Sex Waterproof Mascara... it's definitely NOT better than sex!

  I'm going to be sticking to my Plump it Up Mascara by Covergirl, it's still and looks like might always be one of my favorites!

Love, Hadessah

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