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Pixie Mood - The Greta Work Tote | Review

Updated: Apr 15, 2019

  It's been a hot minute, but I have finally found a moment to write a review on a bag that I have been very excited about.

  I saw this bag in Ash Plum originally at Below the Belt and fell in love. But when I went back to purchase it, they had sold out!

  Why? The roominess, the perfect size for my laptop, mouse, and accessories, along with my Wacom Tablet, and a separate sleeve for files. It has a slot for a water bottle, pens, my wallet, receipt book, and everything that I had been struggling to fit in my current computer bag.

  I had never owned a Pixie Mood bag before but had seen their products at several stores and knew that they were a vegan company. With a 100% Cruelty-Free Guarantee. Also, they are a Canadian brand, so I really felt good about supporting something local and not converting prices from USD to CAD for once. Of course, I wasn't expecting something on the same level as my Mansur Gavriel bag and backpack for quality... but it definitely met my high hopes of being on the same quality level as Matt N Nat, whose designs haven't disappointed me yet!

   I did some research and after watching a ton of review videos on the company, I realized that there were none of this particular bag. Also, Pixie Mood's website doesn't seem to feature the interior on any of the Greta Work Tote bags... and Amazon doesn't show it either... for some strange reason.

  Anyways, I decided to sit and think about it, but Google kept updating me on the prices and making custom ads to remind me of the bag, so when my Mama asked me what I wanted for a gift... this was at the top of my list. I am super pleased with it in the nude Pink.

  I really enjoy the interior of this bag as well. According to user reviews of other Pixie Mood bags, their signature interior color is a royal purple color, so I felt quite satisfied with the light and pretty pattern on the inside of this bag.

  The removable shoulder strap adjusts to various lengths, depending on how you like to wear it. Or remove it for a more business/briefcase look.

  It's structured and stands in perfect shape even when empty, the lovely metal feet on the bottom keep the bottom of the bag off the floor, to help avoid dirt... which for this color of the bag I think it a very good addition to the bag.

  The PU leather actually feels high quality... which I have to admit I did have my doubts. I am looking forward to seeing how it keeps up with my busy lifestyle. I will have to also update this blog on how it stays clean.

  Pixie Mood also included a free gift with the purchase, a lovely little card wallet that again is made out of PU leather and cork (which again is another great material) if you are trying to stay environmentally friendly.

  So my closing feelings on this bag would be that for the price point $60 on sale or $97 at full price, it is a good quality bag with a lot of room for my life. They have quite a large variety of bags, in beautiful styles for every fashion preference and I am sure that I will be purchasing more from this company.

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