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STIL Classics - Professional Organization for the Modern Woman

I would like to do non-sponsored blog post for a local Vancouver company called STIL Classics.

They are a company that's designed for, and run by, women with busy schedules. They are dedicated to empowering women to be their best, organized selves, and they want to make sure you have all the right tools in your life to do so. With a focus on simplicity, their organizational products can be used in many wonderful ways to fit your life path. Through their products, they hope to inspire all women to take charge of their busy days and buzzing social lives to make room for little moments that are just for them.

Over the past few years I've purchased a few of their products. My first purchase being their Moderna Wallet which has been a wonderful companion. Space for my passport, all my cards, receipts, pen and other notes. It was perfect for me, as I buy a lot of items for film & need to keep track of my receipts.

The other two products of their that I have purchased were their Leather Keychain and their Leather Desk Mat... all of which I had monogrammed which is only an extra cost of $5. Since those personal purchases, I have since continued to purchase their wallets and keychains for use in the British Columbia Television Industry. Being in the Props Department gave me the opportunity to possibly promote their quality products to a larger market.

The holy grail for me was the Moderna Leather Handbag. I was unfortunately missed out on purchasing it when I purchased my wallet but knew that if it ever came back... I would purchase it right away.

Enter 2020 and COVID-19 strikes and shuts the film industry down... I get a notification that the Moderna Bag is back for a limited time & they are only ordering as many bags to be produced as people pre-order. I messaged Marissa to ask her if I could put down a deposit & pay the remainder when the bag finished production in June.

She allowed me to do that, so I saved a little here & there till the bag arrived & the day it finished production... I paid for & picked it up!

I could not be happier with the purchase & know it's quality will last me for years to come. Just as the wallet I had purchased first still is holding up beautifully and looks as new as the day that I pulled it out of its protective bag.

Thanks, Marissa & team for being a fantastic company. You have continually proven that you are innovative and constantly staying in touch with your user base, bettering yourself with every journal and product that you release.

I am still so sorry that your storefront that you worked so hard for got taken away because of COVID-19. I wish you much success in the future! You are all definitely amazing business babes!

- Hadessah

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