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Review: Mansur Gavriel | Lady bag & What's in my Bag?!

  As promised, I am doing a full review of the Mansur Gavriel | Lady Bag.

I have been waiting for months to get my hands on this beautiful minimalistic bag!

  Mansur Gavriel was founded by Rachel Mansur and Floriana Gavriel, the two first met at a concert, but they lived quite a distance from one another; Rachel in Los Angeles and Floriana in Berlin. They kept correspondence by email and that is where they first conceived the idea of the brand, and slowly hashed out a concept.

  Now, their brand is one of the hardest handbags to get your hands on, as they RARELY ever go on sale and they keep only a limited inventory of their bags, so when you find one... BUY IT because you never know when they will restock their online shop, or send them out to the vendors who sell them.

  The Lady Bag design, I believe was their second design after the high success of their bucket bags.

  The one that I have is the Vegetable Tanned Black leather, with the Flamme Red matte interior.

  Dimensions: 10.5" H. 13.5" W. 5" D.

  I have always been a huge fan of any bags that have a minimalist design, but still have that flair to them! I mean the interior gives you a pop of color whenever you open the flap! They incorporated the bucket bag drawstring into the bag as well which tightens, then weaves through the top loop and proceed through the loop on the front of the bag, which I have been finding super secure. 

  Nobody can just put their hand into your bag without some effort. Which makes it a great option if you are worried about going out and getting pick-pocketed. You would definitely notice if someone was fidgeting around with it. 📷  The top handle is a great size if you don't want to have the straps attached. It gives you enough space to pull on your shoulder and dangles very nicely in the crook of your arm  without feeling tight and restricting.

  The cross body strap is beautifully designed with three gold screw looking knobs that help you to adjust just how long you want the bag to dangle. I find that the shortest length works well if you want it to dangle off your shoulder and fall at your waist. 

  The amount of space on the inside also pleasantly surprised me. When the bucket design opens I can fit everything that I need into the bag, including an umbrella for those rainy Vancouver days! I've also had to add in some baby things every once in awhile while going out and had no problem with it feeling too heavy or things being hard to find or grab.

  The things that I like to carry on me at all times (pictured above) is my wallet, phone, iPad Mini 4, notebook, gum, pens, lipsticks, and lipglosses, kleenex, and of course, my keys!

  I was a little worried about how the leather would hold up, but I sprayed it leather protector and it hasn't scuffed yet, which is pretty good for me since I am normally carrying my child, his diaper bag, and my purse all at the same time. So I can't really be over watchful of it every time I go out!

  So my review of the bag is an 8/10 I ABSOLUTELY love it, the only downfall I have had with it is that when I am holding my son or in a rush, the super secure drawstring that I was talking about earlier can be a pain to undo. But overall it really is my dream bag, and I could NOT be happier with it!

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